Unifying Cloud Services: Arthur Chang of PanTerra Networks

There are loads of cloud solutions for file sharing, messaging, conferencing, project-management, and overall client-vendor communications. But managing all these different services can get messy. In this episode, we talk to Arthur Chang, CEO of PanTerra Networks, whose focus is on providing a solution for mid-level enterprises that unifies all these cloud services into one.

Arthur Chang, who also goes by Artie, has over 20 years of high-tech executive experience. Artie started his career at Bell Laboratories, later being CEO of SoloPoint Communications, a provider of telecom equipment, and then CEO of Cradle Technologies, a multi-core, multimedia DSP company.

Learnings from your clients

One of the most important things to run successfully a company is to listen. “Always put the customer and your partners first, and that involves the ability to listen more than the ability to speak.”, says Arthur.

In that way, learning from your customers is another way of listening. “An important aspect for a SaaS company to create customer loyalty, which then creates customer reference ability”, says Arthur.

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