Creating Better Marketing Emails with Peter Clark from Journey

While working in marketing for B2B startups, Peter Clark had a simple but powerful revelation. The more emails sent in a campaign, the higher the conversion rate—but you can only send so many emails before they’re all ignored.

At that point, the quality of the emails becomes the decisive factor. But writing quality emails isn’t easy. His bigger revelation was that a way could be developed to help people build more compelling material.

This led to the creation of Journey, a platform that helps marketing, sales, and communications teams craft messaging through storytelling.

More information:

Peter Clark is the Co-Founder and CEO of Journey, a tool that helps people win more deals by telling better more compelling stories.

Previously, Peter Clark was the Head of DTC/Growth at JUUL, the Head of B2B Product at AdRoll/Rollworks and is a 2x YCombinator Founder.



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