Keeping Workers Safe Using VR Training with Mousa Yassin from Pixaera

Safety is a larger industry than most people realize, accounting for $56 billion annually. And most people don’t realize it’s also an enormous problem—each year, a staggering 2.9 million people die from workplace accidents. But safety training is still often performed in an antiquated way, with PowerPoint slides and videos.

Mousa Yassin is bringing this industry into the modern era with Pixaera, a tech startup offering VR training simulations to give workers an immersive, engaging, and even entertaining way to learn the important safety standards that could save their lives and the lives of their coworkers.

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An immersive learning platform that focuses on replacing global standard trainings through VR and PC lead simulations. Since their conception in 2020, they successfully deployed licensed products to several S&P 500 companies and have seen an unparalleled performance with end-users.

Pixaera was founded by Mousa who is a game designer and ex-BP manager. Pixaera’s purpose is to transform how people learn globally by leveraging gaming technology. 



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