Predicting Preppy: AI in Fashion | Cece Lee at Trendalytics

One of the biggest goals of artificial intelligence is to process human communication. But communication can change depending on the context. The way you talk to your family may be different than the way you talk at work. And if you work in pharmaceuticals, you’ll talk a lot differently than if you work in fashion.

And it’s the fashion industry that Cece Lee of Trendalytics hopes to crack. In this episode of UpTech Report, Cece dives into her efforts to predict fashion trends so that manufacturers know what to make and retailers know what to stock.

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Cece Lee is the CEO of Trendalytics, a subscription-based, product intelligence company that empowers decision making with data-driven insights. Over the past two years, Cece has overseen the doubling of business and personnel within the company while building repeatable, scalable processes to quadruple the efficiency of each member of her team.

Prior to making the jump to the fashion tech world, she worked at a variety of different companies, from Target to Jimmy Choo to Michael Kors, across buying and planning functions. Cece holds a B.A. in economics and government from Cornell University.




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