A Collaborative AI Development Tool with Tommy Dang of Mage

Machine learning and AI has grown from novelty technology to essential requirement. But unfortunately, most smaller tech companies don’t have the expertise among their staff to implement these solutions—and sometimes don’t even understand how they work.

This is why Tommy Dang co-founded Mage, which offers a collaborative AI development tool to help companies stay on the cutting edge.

More information:

Tommy Dang grew up in San Jose, CA and studied interdisciplinary studies at U.C. Berkeley. After graduating, he taught himself how to code and started building web and iOS apps. In 2013, he co-founded a short term rental marketplace startup called OnMyBlock that helped students find off campus housing.

After 2 years, they shut down the company and Tommy joined Airbnb. Shortly after, he was recruited to join a small team led by Brian Chesky. On this team, he helped build Airbnb Experiences and launched it to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

In 2018, he created an internal low-code tool at Airbnb, called Omni and built the team from the ground up. This tool was a combination of Squarespace, Mailchimp, and Google Ads rolled up into a single platform.

Hundreds of developers across Airbnb have built new features on top of the platform and over a thousand Airbnb employees have used Omni to launch landing pages viewed by millions of people, send billions of emails, and create thousands of promotions.

After over 5 years at Airbnb, Tommy left and started Mage to help equip product developers with accessible AI technology.

Mage is a collaborative AI tool for product developers. We’re making AI accessible to front-end developers, backend developers, and native developers at SMBs. Mage will make AI technology so accessible, a mom-and-pop shop can harness its power.
We believe in a world where every business, small and large, can create transformational products for their customers.

Our mission is to equip developers with accessible AI technology so they can deliver magical experiences to their users.
Mage is the Stripe for AI. Stripe made it easy for developers to integrate payments into their apps. Mage makes it easy for product developers to integrate AI into their apps.



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