A Virtual Event Management Platform with Jim Sharpe from Aventri

The events industry is enormous, generating $1.5 trillion dollars annually. But like most of life, this thriving industry was tossed headfirst into the virtual world when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March of 2020.

The need to continue holding events remained paramount. “Marketers understand that the greatest way to get and market to leads is through events,” says Jim Sharpe, the CEO of Aventri, a virtual and hybrid event management technology platform.

Aventri is giving enterprise and mid market businesses an engaging live and on-demand event experience so that people can continue to connect in new ways.

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Jim Sharpe joined Aventri as CEO in January 2020 and is focused on leading the global Aventri team as it executes on its vision to help the world Connect Better. Throughout his career, Jim has led high-performing teams in private equity-backed tech-enabled businesses, investing in talent, service and product resulting in significant revenue growth.

Prior to Aventri, Jim was Managing Director and GM of Gerson Lehrman Group’s (GLG) largest and most profitable business unit, Financial Services. In this capacity he led several hundred professionals and achieved significant expansion of the userbase while growing revenues to over $200 million.

His recent experience at GLG was his second six-year stint at the company, following a first term which saw him co-found and lead the firm’s Energy and Industrials practice. His combined tenure at GLG saw company revenues grow 100x.

In between his turns at GLG, Jim engaged in an entrepreneurial venture, partnering with a New York private equity firm to acquire, rebuild, and operate a manufacturing company in the water filtration space. Over a four-year period, Jim developed strategic manufacturing and distribution relationships throughout the industry, won significant market share through data-driven analysis of its market, and ultimately sold the business to a European chemical company. 

Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Commerce and East Asian languages. He resides in Westchester County, New York with his wife, sons and Brittany Spaniel.



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