AI Identified | John Baird of Vouched

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Whether you’re taking out a loan, receiving healthcare, or even purchasing wine, verifying identities is necessary to prevent fraud and protect consumers.

But as more and more of these transactions occur digitally, it’s become a greater challenge to verify identities with accuracy and security. The opportunities for identities to be stolen and for personal data to be compromised is high.

John Baird set out to solve this problem with Vouched—a company that uses artificial intelligence to verify the identities of customers and contractors with speed, accuracy, and security.

In part one of this edition of UpTech Report, John discusses this technology and the many problems it solves to determine that you are indeed you.

John Baird is the co-founder and CEO of Vouched. Vouched is a patent pending AI focused on Identity Proofing & Verification. Vouched is founded and developed to help you detect fraud in real time with unprecedented simplicity, trust & safety, providing easy, developer-first API’s. 

Prior to Vouched, John was Director of Brand Strategy at Blue Nile an online retailer of high quality jewelry. While at Blue Nile John identified the need for a fast and easy way to verify a persons identity when making large transactions online. Vouched has always aimed to improve the experience of companies and customers needing identity proofing & verification.”




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