Bots for Bookkeeping | Enrico Palmerino from Botkeeper

Accountants work analyzing financial reports on a laptop.

New technologies, such as cloud computing, have made entrepreneurship more possible than ever. But as more and more people are becoming CEOs and developers, fewer and fewer are becoming accountants—services that are sorely needed to make operations function.

Enrico Palmerino encountered this problem with his own startup. “Our accounting department just couldn’t keep up with the growth or the complexities of the business,” Enrico says.

He eventually discovered a large part of the problem was the lack of technology solutions in this field. This led him to found Botkeeper, an automated bookkeeping service for accounting firms powered by AI and machine learning.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Enrico discusses how he’s using this advanced technology to give the accountants more time to focus on their clients.

More information:

Enrico Palmerino is the founder and CEO of Botkeeper, which provides accountants with an automated bookkeeping platform using human-assisted machine learning and AI. Botkeeper’s platform delivers the fastest, most accurate, and low-cost bookkeeping available to accounting firms seeking a scalable CAS solution for their clients.

Botkeeper has raised $50M from marque investors and serves several thousand companies and 80+ accounting firms, processing 30M+ transactions per quarter.

Enrico also serves on the Board of OnProcess Technology and Fidelity Bank and is an investor and advisor in several prominent tech companies. He has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, Top 30 Most Inspiring Business Leaders, and 2020 Golden Bridge Entrepreneur of the Year.

Prior to Botkeeper, Enrico was co-owner and Managing Director of SmartBooks, a cloud accounting firm, which grew from 6-40 employees in 3 years before he was bought out in 2015 so he could launch Botkeeper.

Early in Enrico’s career he was ranked 2nd among Bloomberg’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 in recognition of his co-founding ThinkLite. Enrico grew ThinkLite from dorm room start-up to $8.5M ARR before graduating college and successfully exiting the venture.



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