Bringing 3D to Your Customers | Ashley Crowder at Vntana

With so much sales and marketing happening in online spaces, companies more and more are craving to deliver 3D and AR experiences for their customers. Wondering what that couch will look like in your living room? Hold up your phone, and an app will visually place it there.

Want to see that sneaker in a full 360 radius? Just spin it to get a full view. The problem is that software platforms that deliver these experiences need files that aren’t used by most design teams.

Ashley Crowder set out to find a solution, which eventually became her company, Vntana. In this edition of UpTech Report, Ashley discusses the Vntana product, which helps content teams quickly and easily bridge the gap between their product designs and interactive experiences for customers.

More information:

Ashley Crowder is the co-Founder/CEO of VNTANA, the world’s first 3D Collaboration Platform. The platform makes it easy to create 3D web and AR experiences, proven to increase sales and reduce returns. Their patented optimization algorithms automatically reduce file size by up to 95% while maintaining high visual fidelity, allowing all stakeholders to visualize 3D models through a plug and play web viewer and gives marketing teams the 3D files required for e-comm and advertising in seconds instead of days.

Crowder has worked in the mixed-reality space for over 10 years helping Fortune 1000 brands including Adidas, Lexus, AT&T and more launch XR applications to increase sales and improve training. She has 14 patents on mixed reality technology and has given talks on the future of mixed reality at prestigious venues including SXSW, Augmented World Expo, TEDx, World Economic Forum and more.




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