Bringing Up Tech-Baby | James Armijo from Smartcare

Millennials are having children and putting them in daycare, and to best serve a population raised in the digital age, daycare centers need to modernize. Or so says Smartcare, a technology company hoping to inspire daycare centers to dust off that PC in the corner and use it to bill customers, track children, and even monitor diaper changes.

On this installment of UpTech Report, we interview James Armijo, Smartcare’s cofounder and CEO, who talks about the challenges of bringing high-tech solutions to a low-tech sector, and how he looks for innovation by swiveling his chair to the people behind him and the business across the street.

Understanding millennial parents

Wish your child’s daycare could get with it and join the 21st century? So does James Armijo from Smartcare. He tells us about his technology for the caretakers who watch your kids all day.

“I think that millennial parents are putting their kids in daycare and know that they want a certain experience but are not exactly sure what to ask for. And childcare providers want to provide good care but don’t know exactly how to do that.”

James is CEO of Smartcare.  As President, James is primarily responsible for the company’s financing and strategy, and leads day-to-day operations of the company to see the company’s vision come to reality. 

Prior to SmartCare, James has held a number of roles overseeing demand generation, sales and customer success, in addition to being a member of the executive team responsible for directing company strategy and securing venture capital financing, at PatientPop, Kareo, and 8×8 (Nasdaq: EGHT). 

James began his career as a research analyst for Engemann Asset Management, a small-cap growth fund with $500 million in assets under management.  James holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Diplomacy and World Affairs with a concentration in Economics from Occidental College in Los Angeles.



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