Business Lessons from Tolkien and Stephenson | Dipanwita Das from Sorcera

The largest, most powerful industries are often both the most resistant to change and the most in need of it. In this episode of UpTech Report, I speak with Dipanwita Das, the founder and CEO of Sorcero, who recognized the need for the life science and insurance industries to organize, interpret, and refine massive amounts of unstructured text.

Sorcero is building the digital tools to help businesses develop governing knowledge bases, unify systems, automate workflows, and help massive corporations operate with the efficiency of a nimble startup. Dipanwita discusses the paths from human intelligence to artificial intelligence and the inspiration she draws from science fiction and fantasy.

Bringing insurance companies to the 21th Century

Life science and insurance industries are burdened with massive data in need of organization and interpretation. This is Dipanwita came up with the idea to create Sorcero.

By using data, she helps these industries to improve and get what they need. ” We like to refer to them as dragons. So, they have a lot of power, they’re typically old, they are whimsical, risk-averse, and they guard their treasure, they’re very determined in guarding their treasure”, says Dipanwita.

Dipanwita Das is an award-winning global technology entrepreneur. She founded and serves as the CEO of Sorcero, a venture-backed startup that builds the most advanced knowledge bases in the world using an AI & NLP platform that understands highly technical industries. 

Das has been accepted into leading programs for high-growth tech entrepreneurs, including Plug & Play Ventures, Mindshare, and Y Combinator’s Female Founders program.

Previously, she was the founder & CEO of 42 Strategies, managing digital transformation projects for Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. As an Atlas Corps Fellow and Board Member, Das designed the Global Leadership Lab, training leaders from over sixty countries.

She completed the Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Executive Program for Social Entrepreneurship, and earned her M.A. from the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex, and her B.A. from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.



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