Digitizing the Automotive Industry | Arjun Patel from WorkClout

Sometimes you have to be deep into a specialized industry to truly understand the areas needing solutions. As a teenager, Arjun Patel was racing forklifts at his dad’s factory. In college, he was a plant manager focusing on quality, safety, and production optimization.

After college, he became a manufacturing consultant. Growing up on a factory floor and learning its myriad intricacies gave Arjun the realization that there were no software solutions to track production lines. “Everything was manual,” Arjun says.

“There’s huge binders tracking logs of what was being done.” This eventually led him to co-found WorkClout, a tech startup that offers a software solution for automotive engineering teams to improve quality. 

More information:

WorkClout is a quality management platform for automotive parts manufacturers. Our software helps streamline & automate internal audits, document control, visual inspections, training, and preventive quality design.

Arjun Patel is the CEO of WorkClout, a venture-funded technology company that provides quality software to the automotive manufacturing industry. He is the son of a manufacturing owner and was a former management consultant and growth product manager. He currently resides in Los Angeles and focuses a lot of his attention on quality design and strategies for industrial sectors. 



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