Enterprise AI Chatbots in Emerging Markets | Javier Mata from Yalochat

It seems like there is a new way for brands to interact with us every day. In the United States, brands have established communication methods available to interact with their customers. However, countries with emerging markets have unique challenges.

Today on UpTech Report, we speak with Javier Mata, CEO of Yalochat. Javier saw an opportunity in these emerging markets, where brands can integrate with existing communication platforms their customers are already using. Yalo uses Whatsapp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger to allow large brands, like Coca Cola, Amazon, and Walmart, to talk to their customers at scale using AI in Latin America, India, and China.

Javier is from Latin America himself. He saw the need in his country and applied it to countries with similar markets. We discuss some of the challenges he has faced when bringing Yalo’s A.I. and CRM solutions to newer markets and his exciting growth plans.

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