Finding Talent with Advanced Tech | Josh Millet from Criteria

Most everyone running a company will tell you that assembling the right team is the single most important task you’ll face. And it’s one that will surely continue throughout the life of the company, to some degree. Sometimes the candidates you should seriously consider aren’t obvious from the résumé—and the ones you should pass only become clear once they sit down in the interview chair.

Josh Millet experienced this problem personally when he was asked to manage hiring for a company that had just acquired his first startup. “Anyone who’s been involved in hiring has one of those stories where you’re in an interview and it’s only five or ten minutes into the hour, and you look up at the clock, and you’re like, when is this going to be over?” Josh says.

It was that initial thought that eventually led to the creation of his current startup, Criteria, an HR platform that helps organizations make better hiring decisions by combining organizational psychology with data science. On this edition of UpTech Report, Josh talks about the functionality of this software, how it manages ethical considerations in the hiring process, and how it helped companies large and small build better teams.

More information:

Josh Millet, Founder + CEO of Criteria, a market-leading SaaS people analytics platform, dedicated to helping organizations make better talent decisions using objective, multidimensional data.

Josh founded Criteria in 2006 with a vision to create a SaaS-based pre-employment testing service that would make the highest quality employee assessment tools accessible to companies of all sizes. 

With over 20 million assessments administered globally since 2006, the company has helped organizations make objective, data-driven hiring decisions that lead to better business outcomes with its scientifically validated assessments across multiple dimensions including aptitude, personality and skills. On average, Criteria has helped organizations increase their hiring success rates by an average of 52%, reduce turnover by 48%, and generate 25% more revenue.



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