How to Build a Movement | Michael Levy at DHIT

In part one of our conversation with Michael Levy, he discussed his nonprofit organization, the Digital Health Institute for Transformation and its efforts to build a public health utility grid.

In this second part of our conversation, Michael Levy makes an impassioned case on the keys to starting a movement, which he says begins with discovering your deepest motivations and developing a clarity of purpose.

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Michael is a family-first, mission always a leader who believes teamwork above all is greater than that of anyone member and that one must execute on one’s values and stay future-focused to truly yield maximum opportunity in health and life. Michael spends his time and energy focused on designing and building against what he sees as the 21st-century healthcare system.

He collaborates across the digital health ecosystem of data scientists, technologists, academics, industry organizations, investors, associations, providers, etc. to find convergence points where technology, care delivery, and the human experience collide to drive impact in the human condition. 

Michael’s career began running clinical operations and driving cultural transformation for some of the nation’s largest academic medical centers for over 10 years, starting in a busy two-physician urological practice at UCLA right out of college, to leading the Department of Medicine at UHealth in Miami through a major turnaround just as he turned 30. Michael has foundational expertise in the mechanics of clinical operations, revenue cycle management, and healthcare IT. 

However, after hitting a ceiling of frustration within the complacent and misaligned health system as we know it, Michael has subsequently spent his last five years digging deep into the new world of digital health and mapping the very complex landscapes across life sciences, technology, and healthcare to support the acceleration and adoption of transformative digital health solutions and drive the change to consumer-driven health. 




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