Integration Platforms Explained & Choosing an Embedded iPaaS with Michael Zuercher of Prismatic

Software can make the lives of business owners much easier, but assuring that disparate pieces of software can communicate properly with one another is often a difficult challenge for B2B software companies. In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Michael Zuercher, the CEO of Prismatic, to find out more about integration platforms and how they can help.

We’ll learn about Zuercher’s history growing his embedded iPaaS company and how the market is currently evolving.

Plus, what was the integration process like in the past for businesses that wanted to share and combine data between software? Should software companies use a cloud-based integration platform or iPaaS to provide product integrations versus letting in-house developers create their own integrations from scratch? And what are the best integration platforms available for customer-facing teams who want to create custom integrations? In this exciting episode, the host of the podcast Alexander Ferguson dives into it all.

Michael Zuercher is CEO and cofounder at Prismatic, the integration platform for B2B software companies. Prismatic is the quickest way to build integrations to the other apps your customers use and to add a native integration marketplace to your product. A complete embedded iPaaS solution that empowers your whole organization, Prismatic encompasses an intuitive integration designer, embedded integration marketplace, integration deployment and support, and a purpose-built cloud infrastructure.

Michael is a veteran of the B2B software industry. Prior to Prismatic, he was founder and CEO of Zuercher Technologies. He founded Zuercher in 2003 and scaled it from a bootstrapped tech startup into a national industry disruptor in the public safety software market. To accelerate growth, he led the 2015 sale of Zuercher to a private equity-backed company and played a key role in the sale of the joint company to Bain Capital in 2018.

While leading Zuercher Technologies, whose software had hundreds of third-party integrations serving thousands of customers, Michael experienced firsthand how important and how difficult integrations can be in B2B software. He passionately believes that B2B software companies need a better way to build and deploy integrations. Founded on this vision, Prismatic provides software teams exactly that.



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