Letting Go of the Old | Nitin Kumar at Appnomic

In part one of our conversation with Nitin, he talked to us about his company Appnomic and their product, “Heal,” which aims to heal enterprise level systems using AI.

In this second part of our conversation, Nitin talks about some of the common mistakes people make when innovating, and the holistic philosophy he employs to connect all the pieces of his business. He also offers some key advice on how businesses can effectively position themselves in these challenging times.

More information:

Nitin Kumar is a seasoned C-level operating executive and management consultant in the TMT sector. His 20+ year professional story has unfolded in the Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation, disruption and opportunities. 

Currently the CEO of Appnomic, he has led organizations ranging from start-ups through multi-billion-dollar companies in Regional, National and Global roles. Notable exec roles include HP, Deloitte, PwC, FTI etc. Held P/L (>$1b), led teams (>1000 people) and experienced 90 countries.

Nitin has played a variety of hands-on executive roles ranging from Start-up CEO, Product Management, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, M&A Integration/Separation Leader, BU Leader and Management Consulting Partner focused on top-line growth across corporate and private equity portfolio companies.

His functional expertise includes Sales, Marketing, Products, Service, Pricing, and Customer Experience driving top-line growth. Nitin has received multiple global awards for innovation and is an internationally recognized thought leader in the areas of business model design, transformation, and M&A.




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