Maintaining Customer Relationships after the Sale with Ken Rapp from Blustream

One of the most important elements of a sale is what happens after the sale. Is the customer satisfied? Are there any issues? When a person buys a product, they’re not merely acquiring a thing—they’re developing a relationship with a brand.

Through the experience of a colleague with a cracked acoustic guitar, Ken Rapp realized there were so many missed opportunities for companies to connect with their customers after the unboxing to help ensure proper maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

And Blustream was born—a company that offers a client relationship platform for brands to connect with their customers.

More information:

Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder o, is a dynamic entrepreneur and commercialization leader. He is passionate about marrying unmet needs with practical solutions creating enterprise value for customers. His latest venture,, is solving the unmet need in after-sale engagement.

As a SaaS-based after-sale product engagement company, Blustream builds active, ongoing connections between companies and their customers. Blustream’s platform enables brands to provide unique after-sale engagement with their customers by managing product lifecycle touchpoints through the onboarding, usage, and maintenance stages of the consumer-product continuum.

Data is monitored to trigger personalized product engagement actions, including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, at exactly the right time from brands to their consumers. Today, CEOs, CMOs, and executives in charge of digital transformation use Blustream to create a direct channel with their customers to decrease churn and increase both revenue and customer Life Time Value to ultimately deliver better customer satisfaction.

Over the course of Ken’s career, he has founded businesses, created major market categories, and transformed industries through innovative technology. Ken’s expertise includes launching products, building scalable business models, and creating a culture that enables employees to thrive.

Ken is active with Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) entrepreneur programs, is a Trustee of the Zenie Foundation, and is on the Board of the Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts.



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