Managing Construction Data with Raffi Holzer from Avvir

Site engineer at a construction site

Construction projects include complex processes that depend on strict organization and seamless collaboration. And yet, there are very few ways for managers to track all the data necessary for a successful project in one comprehensive system.

Costs, material inventory, schedules, specs, crew manifest—there are a lot of moving parts involved, and without a centralized hub to navigate it all, mistakes can be made.

But Raffi Holzer provides a solution with his company, Avvir, which offers a sophisticated process for assembling and analyzing construction data for better efficiency, safety, and accuracy.

More information:

Raffi Holzer is the CEO and co-founder of Avvir, an industry-leading Reality Analysis platform that automates the comparison of data gathered from your project’s existing conditions with that of your digital design (BIM) models.

From that intelligent comparison and analysis comes numerous practical benefits to the building/project Owner, GC, and trade contractors, including but not limited to a contextualized understanding of construction progress, QA/QC of existing conditions, and overall risk tied to your schedule and budget/SOVs.

Prior to starting Avvir, Raffi worked for three years as a product manager, helping clients realize and bring to market products that served the needs of both the users and the business. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with two master’s degrees in mechanical and bioengineering and enjoys finding ways to apply his interdisciplinary training to complex problems.

He is passionate about bringing cutting-edge technology to market and often reads journal articles in fields ranging from neuroscience to materials engineering to stay ahead of what’s next.



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