Nerding Up | Shane Hodgkins from Matrak

Often starting a company means bringing a solution to a market—but then there are those times when the market comes to you. When Shane Hodgkin’s brother went to work for their father’s window installation company, he discovered a system that felt like something out of the nineteenth century.

Everything was recorded on little slips of paper that had no logical organizational structure. So he built a simple app to keep track of everything. It was purely for his own purposes, but soon, everybody wanted it.

That was the beginning of Matrak, a company that offers cloud-based materials and progress tracking software that allows companies to track and share information on manufacturing, shipping, installation, and defects for construction projects.

On this episode of Founders Journey, Shane talks about starting this company with his brother, the years they spent developing the product, and how they built a strategy that not only assessed the competition but what the competition might become.

He also explains his revelation that the best way to raise funds is to show investors they’re “…just a bunch of nerdy guys trying to help out construction people.”

More information:

​Shane is Matrak’s Co-Founder & CEO. After tracking windows from overseas on large projects, Shane and his brother co-founded Matrak. Shane has over a decade’s experience managing teams of software testers, developers, data investigators, and technical support analysts. A full-stack web developer, Shane also has an intense love for all things AI and has been playing with neural networks for most of his life. 

Matrak offers end-to-end supply chain visibility for manufacturing, construction and building teams. A global construction tracking network, Matrak was designed specifically to support and simplify the complexities of moving and tracking materials from manufacture to install and everywhere in between.

Matrak gives users the power to track and manage complex material interactions through a single source of truth application, creating a global digital network that helps create collaboration and connection in construction.




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