Overcoming Initial Challenges | Bhaskar Raghunathan at Takvaviya

In part one of my conversation with Bhaskar Raghunathan, he talked about how his background in image processing and data visualization brought him to found his first startup, Takvaviya, which analyzes drone image data in agriculture and solar industries.

In this second part of our conversation, Bhaskar talks about some of the challenges he overcame as a first-time founder, including an important story about the moment he realized the value of his product.

More information:

Bhaskar R is the Founder & CEO of Takvaviya Analytics, Inc. took to his calling of entrepreneurship when he identified the need for metric based productivity monitoring through intelligent data acquisition & processing. With a strong background in image processing & data visualization during his post-graduate days at IISc & key tech know-hows on product design, development & delivery, he took to the idea of data-driven decision making and productize them through machine learning models that cater to specific industries such renewable energy, agriculture & infrastructure where digital penetration to enhance & monitor productivity has been fairly minimal.

Possessing niche skills on system integration for large-scale businesses coupled with his team-building skills, he is at the forefront of disruptive data science enabling industries to gain key insights. Prior to founding Takvaviya, he was part of the key R&D teams at General Motors & Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. He is also an excellent mathematician and has mentored/trained more than 30 students for their masters at various IITs, Cornell & TU Munich.

Bhaskar is a qualified engineer with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University and a Masters in Computational Mechanics & Image Processing from the Indian Institute of Science. He was awarded a PhD position by the prestigious Oxford University but he rejected the offer and took a conscious call of pursuing his dreams, being an entrepreneur.




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