Quantum Now | Rebecca Krauthamer at Quantum

You’ve probably heard of quantum computing, most commonly understood as a data storage technology built on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. At least, that’s the idea, someday.

But there are other applications of this principle happening already. Have you heard of quantum communications? Or what about quantum sensing?

If you’re already feeling lost, the guest on this edition of UpTech Report may help you untangle all this quantum entanglement. Rebecca Krauthamer is the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Thought, a company that helps organizations implement quantum technologies to assist with everything from cybersecurity, to molecule modeling, to AI machine learning, and more. Hear how she’s making quantum computing happen right now.

More information:

Rebecca is the founder and Head of Engineering for QuSecure, a post-quantum cyber security company located in Palo Alto, California. QuSecure works with both government and enterprise clients to protect their digital assets from today’s and tomorrow’s security threats. Their software products can plug directly into an organization’s existing infrastructure, can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, and comply with NIST post quantum standards. 

Rebecca earned her degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and went on to build cutting edge applications in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision for various companies. After several years working in AI, she began to get frustrated with the growing gap between the potential to build advanced models and the limitations of today’s computing hardware. She turned to quantum computing and hasn’t looked back. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2020 for her work in quantum computing, and was recently listed as one of the 12 Women in the World Shaping Quantum Computing.

Rebecca serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Quantum Applications. A passionate proponent of ethical AI, she serves on the advisory board of the AI Ethics Journal, and as a subject matter expert for the first Coursera certification for Ethical Technologists. 




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