SaaS Entrepreneurship Journey and Subscription Analytics with Brian Sierakowski of Baremetrics

In this edition of the UpTech report, we meet with Brian Sierakowski, CEO of Baremetrics, to pick his brain on everything he knows about growth. His entrepreneurship story began when he had a novel idea for a shared password manager a little over a decade ago, and shortly after, his first company Team Password was born. 

From startup to exit, he helped the company to expand at an incredible rate until they were ultimately acquired. His experience makes him an expert in growing a SaaS business and the startup acquisition process.

These days, though, he is leading the charge in a new industry — SaaS subscription analytics.

As CEO of Baremetrics for around a year now, Sierakowski is helping to change the way that Software as a Service companies analyze their data to increase profits. When you simply offer one subscription plan, tracking metrics is easy. However, what if you have dozens or even hundreds of different subscription products with various add-ons?

Baremetrics will help you to track and analyze your subscription data and key performance indicators (KPI metrics), providing you with deeper insights into your business and what to do in order to increase sales.

Brian Sierakowski is a founder, project manager, and CEO. Brian started his career by building TeamPassword, a password sharing app for teams that brings simple individual access levels. After exiting TeamPassword, Brian went to work as a project manager at JungleDisk. 

Now, Brian is the CEO of Baremetrics, a company within the Xenon Partners portfolio. Brian is leading Baremetrics towards greater functionality through product development in the accounting space and by entering new markets including Japan.

Baremetrics is the leading analytics, dunning, and engagement solution for SaaS and subscription businesses using Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, App Store Connect, Google Play, and Chargebee. Baremetrics is also the only SaaS analytics solution for Shopify Partners developers looking for insights about their Shopify apps. Growing subscription businesses use Baremetrics to see their data, and take action on it. 

In addition to its core Metrics product, Baremetrics offers two add-on features called Recover and Cancellation Insights. Recover is a dunning solution that brings back revenue lost to failed charges. Cancellation Insights engages your customers when they leave your service and capture fresh information about why they left, and how you can improve. Both features are fully automated, allowing teams to focus on what they do best.

Over 900+ businesses trust Baremetrics for the data and insights they need to make decisions confidently and drive real growth. To try Baremetrics for yourself, start a free trial today. 



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