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Yoav Vilner’s first startup was a marketing firm for tech companies—and with 600 clients, it offered him an unparalleled education in the challenges startups face, and the methods to succeed.

“I was very, very lucky to see the ins and outs of hundreds of startups, in different industries, trying to do different things with different budgets,” Yoav says. The education paid off. After that first startup, several others followed, all of them enjoying varying degrees of success.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Yoav takes us through his career, including what he learned in that first marketing firm, his startup that helped save children from predators—and why he ultimately left that company to found his current startup,, which creates codeless software demos for sales and marketing teams.

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Yoav Vilner is CEO at Walnut, the world’s first Sales Experience Platform. Prior to that, Yoav co-founded an anti-bullying startup, as well as one of the world’s first tech marketing companies with over 600 clients. Yoav was also named “Tech Marketer to Watch” by Forbes Magazine, has been mentoring startups in accelerators by Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and the U.N, as well as writing for publications such as CNBC, Inc, Entrepreneur, TheNextWeb, FOX news and more.

Walnut helps sales and marketing teams become customer-centric. As the world’s first Sales Experience platform, it allows teams to create personalized, failure-free and efficient B2B demo processes, not relying on any back-end team such as R&D, product and design. 

Walnut helps fortune 500 and tech companies such as Adobe, NetApp and Varonis, and has recently raised a $6M seed round from top Silicon Valley investors.



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