Software for Legal Market Equality | Raj Goyle at Bodhala

The high cost of legal fees and the lack of standards across the legal system in the United States is not merely inefficient and costly—it’s unjust. And it’s not only taking a toll on those who lack the resources to afford quality legal representation—it also affects the lawyers, who suffer from low morale and depression. At least, according to Raj Goyle. But he would know.

A twenty year veteran of state politics, Raj experienced on a daily basis, quite literally, the trials and tribulations of law in America. So he traded in the state house for a Manhattan office and founded Bodhala, a company that provides transparent data and insights to make legal representation more equitable, help strengthen law firm relationships, and deliver the best results.

In this episode of UpTech Report, Raj takes us on his journey from politics to startups, and talks about his efforts to use entrepreneurship to make a difference.

More information:

Raj Goyle, CEO of Bodhala, co-founded Bodhala with a fellow Harvard Law graduate, Ketan Jhaveri. Goyle, who received his undergraduate degree from Duke University, served two terms in the Kansas House of Representatives after working as a policy analyst and civil rights attorney.

He serves on the boards of Hunger Free America, the American India Foundation,, Issue One and chairs the State Innovation Exchange. Goyle lives in New York with his wife Monica Arora, a partner at Proskauer. They have two daughters. 



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