Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Greener Future with Mike Kirkup of EnPowered

In the face of climate change, how can businesses reduce their energy usage, save money, and transition to a more sustainable future?

In this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with Mike Kirkup. He’s the CTO leading the way at EnPowered, a cleantech electricity platform that helps organizations decrease their energy costs and upgrade to new sustainable energy solutions.

EnPowered is giving businesses the ability to make clean, smart energy choices that are actually good for the environment, without any significant upfront investment in new infrastructure. Their solution allows you to reduce energy costs while reinvesting in green technology at the same time.

The host of UpTech, Alexander Ferguson, is curious to learn more about the Texas power outage last winter, renewable energy, and the best ways to plan for the future. Is it possible to solve the various problems surrounding the current power grid and reduce emissions?

Mike Kirkup is responsible for the entire product organization including design, development, data science, and project management. Mike is a huge supporter of the Waterloo region and startups which is seen through his prior position as the director of Velocity, the University of Waterloo’s world-renowned startup program.

He has also participated in a number of boards including the Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation, Golden Triangle Angel Network, and Intrideo. Mike received a Bachelor of Mathematics and Masters of Management Science from the University of Waterloo.



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