Taking Care of Business | Kate Chernis from Lately

In part one of our conversation with Kate Chernis from Lately, she told us about her unlikely journey from rock DJ to startup CEO.

In the second part of our conversation, Kate talks about the essential connection between body, mind, and business, and she tells us about her efforts to bring human emotion into sales.

More information:

Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately – A.I. that learns which words will get you the most engagement and turns video, audio and text into dozens of social posts containing those words.

As a former rock ‘n’ roll dj, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise. What she learned in radio about the neuroscience of music helps fuel Lately’s artificial intelligence.




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