Tech for Towns | Chris Bullock from ClearGov

Chris Bullock had a question: How do the finances of my town compare to other towns? The information was out there, buried in annual reports (if you could understand them) and sitting on spreadsheets (if you knew where to find them). Because of transparency in government initiatives, all this data was available to the public—but there were simply no mechanisms of discovery and dissemination.

After digging deep, Chris began to assemble some fascinating town by town comparisons and was able to present them in an easy, readable format. The towns got interested. The results became a tech startup, ClearGov.

Now they not only collect and disseminate data on local governments, they also provide these governments with the tools they need to organize their budgets, making it easier to share with their residents.

In this edition of UpTech Report, Chris tells the complete story of his investigation into local government finances and how it led to the founding of an intriguing startup that offers an important service.

More information:

Chris Bullock, co-founder and CEO of ClearGov Inc., has over 20 years of product management, marketing and business development experience in data analytics and transparency-centric software services.

Prior to ClearGov Chris co-founded Sky Analytics (acquired by Huron Consulting Group), a legal analytics and benchmarking platform that revolutionized the legal industry. Before Sky Analytics, Chris spent 7 years as the Global Director of Product Development for Investor Relations & Analytics Software at NASDAQ and

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder.




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