Technology Isn’t Enough | Stephen Bulfer at Streamloan

In part one of our conversation with Stephen Bulfer, he told us about his efforts to modernize mortgage lending with his company, Streamloan.

In part two of our conversation, he talks about how developing new technology isn’t enough—people have to change their behaviors to adopt that technology and his reasons for why he believes technology companies should be investing their key resources in how to inspire cultural change.

More information:

Stephen brings over 20 years of innovation and technology experience to the mortgage lending industry, which he has immersed himself in since 2015 with StreamLoan, streamlining the mortgage process with digital technology for his mortgage lending customers across billions of dollars in mortgage originations and tens of thousands of users.

He has extensive software start-up experience, building both data analytics and mobile companies. Before StreamLoan, he most recently worked on ionGrid, a mobile security and collaboration company, to deliver software solutions to highly regulated industries including the financial sector. IonGrid was acquired in 2013 by NetApp.

Stephen has significant experience across strategy, build, and deployment of enterprise software at Fortune 500 companies including strategy and technology projects at Deloitte, the White House/Executive Office of the President, HP, Visa, MasterCard, Allstate, Kaiser, P&G, and over 50 Fortune 500 organizations.

Stephen has evaluated businesses through both an operating lens and an investment lens. In Stephen’s last corporate role as an EIR, he worked on connecting a large Silicon Valley tech firm to the startup ecosystem, with a focus on working with early to mid-stage fintech companies. StreamLoan is an award-winning mobile and SaaS platform. StreamLoan is a Silicon Valley-based venture-backed (with HQ in San Francisco).

Stephen’s real estate and mortgage experience cover both residential investment (20 years experience) and research; Stephen’s concentration during his MBA was real estate finance, with a special focus on the subprime mortgage crisis. Stephen holds two master’s degrees from Columbia Business School and the University of California Berkeley.




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