Telling a Startup Story | Cindy McLaughlin at Envelope

In part one of my conversation with Cindy McLaughlin, the CEO of Envelope, she talked about how her startup helps developers navigate the complexities of zoning laws, and the unique partnership approach they employ in their business model.

In this second part of our conversation, Cindy tells us how she’s learned to work through all the apparent catastrophes of running a business, and how she believes a great CEO must be a great story.

More information:

Cindy McLaughlin is CEO of Envelope, a real estate acquisitions analysis company that uses zoning- and AI-driven software to search for, visualize, and run scenarios on urban real estate value potential. 

Prior to Envelope, Cindy held CEO and President roles in a range of technology companies, from fashion technology to education technology for prisoners.  Cindy has an MBA from MIT/Sloan, a BA from Mount Holyoke College, and spent 2 years in Congo as a Water/Sanitation volunteer for the US Peace Corps.




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