The Bots that Bring People Together | Dennis R. Mortensen at

One of the more notable truths to emerge in the digital age is that as complicated as software may seem, the people using that software remain infinitely more so. This is especially apparent when it comes to scheduling meetings.

Lives are difficult to coordinate, and people may not always remember the numerous requests coming their way. So it may be fitting that software is being developed now to manage the people.

Our guest on this edition of UpTech report is Dennis Mortensen, the co-founder and CEO of—a company offering a very simple but powerful tool: An AI assistant that can reach out to your associates and schedule the meetings for you.

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Dennis is an expert in leveraging data to deliver business insights. A serial Entrepreneur, Dennis built and successfully exited several companies before founding in 2014. Along with co-founders Matt Casey and Marcos J. Belenguer, Dennis set out to solve a painful problem — scheduling meetings — through a sophisticated AI platform that saves people time and effort.

Dennis is a recognized leader, author, and university instructor in the field of digital data and analytics. Originally from Denmark, Dennis lives in New York with his family.

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