The Germ-Zapping Tech of Tomorrow | Larryi Ding at Able Life

The world is deep in the throes of a global pandemic, the likes of which has not been seen in a hundred years. But even in normal times, the spread of disease is a massive problem.

Harmful pathogens are everywhere—in the plumbing, in the air, on the things we touch. And as bacteria gradually evolves resistance to antibiotics, we face a vital need to find new solutions. Our guest on this week’s UpTech Report may have one.

Larryi Ding is the CEO of ABLE Life, a healthcare technology startup that’s developed a compound that kills harmful pathogens on contact. The applications are immense—and right now, sorely needed.

More information:

Larryi Ding has over twenty years of experience across different industries including IoT, cloud, mobile financial service, management consulting and semiconductor.

Currently, Larryi is the CEO of ABLE Life, an Atlanta-based healthcare technology startup focusing on solutions to eradicate pathogens in water and air. Larryi also advises young growth companies in IoT, Edge computing, 5G, and AI. He is on the board of Takvaviya and the advisory boards of Rize Modular and Appnomic. 

Previously Larryi was AVP of Global Alliance Business Development at AT&T leading major cloud partnerships, global enterprise strategy, and incubating its AR/VR and Network Edge Computing practices. During his time at AT&T Larryi also established the company’s global IoT platform and international enterprise mobility business covering over 100 carriers in 70+ countries. 

Prior to AT&T, Larryi took a series of leadership roles at Alcatel-Lucent, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Mitsubishi Electric. Widely respected in the global technology community, Larryi is known for his calm demeanor, openness, and ability to synthesize. In 2018 he was featured by “CEO Today” magazine as one of the most connected people in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. From 1999 to 2000, Larryi had several start-ups in eCommerce and international consulting. 

A Chinese native, Larryi is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a BS in Engineering with Highest Honors from University of California at Berkeley.



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