The Future of Flexible Work | Glenn Laumeister from AllWork

Workforces are becoming more flexible and fluid than ever—and companies are facing increasing challenges managing contingent labor pools and navigating the new gig economy.

In this episode of UpTech Report, I interview Glenn Laumeister, the CEO of AllWork, a company building the technology to solve these complicated 21st century workforce management issues.

Glenn discusses the depth of AllWork’s end-to-end platform, the technologies they use to help companies manage a complex, dynamic workforce, and his previous experience as the founder and CEO of CoachMarket.

The future of the gig economy

As the number of flexible or freelancer gig economy workers is going up dramatically. People are also changing and so, the way we work. And companies need to adapt to their new future employees to create a more flexible staffing environment.

So how can AI can help in the future of the gig economy? “New generations want to basically get their jobs on an app. They want to get matched to a job and today’s technology does not allow for that.”, says Glenn.

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