The Passwordless Future of Work | Arun Singh from Ilantus

The IT era has in many ways become the ID era. Establishing your identity for security purposes has taken on serious importance and posed a challenge unlike anything our society has ever before experienced.

We’re routinely forced to change the dozens (if not hundreds) of passwords we keep (often compelling us to write them on Post-It notes and slap them on our monitors, thus defeating the purpose of the password), we must upload photos of our driver’s licenses, install authentication apps on our phones, and generally continue to prove we are who we claim to be on an ongoing basis.

And yet, it’s still not enough. Our guest on this week’s UpTech Report aims to change that. Arun Singh is the CEO of Ilantus, a cybersecurity company that simplifies identity and access management with a cloud-based solution.

Arun tells us about the many challenges we face in gaining access to digital resources, and the innovative solutions offered by Ilantus.

More information:

Arun Singh is the CEO of Ilantus Technologies. He brings 28+ years of experience in running global cybersecurity businesses, with a strong executive leadership background that spans general management, sales & marketing, revenue growth, service delivery, and transformation.

Prior to Ilantus, he worked at Ernst & Young LLP as Principal and Americas Risk Advisory Leader for Cybersecurity. At EY, he led numerous consulting and managed services engagements for clients globally and built Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offerings to grow business.

Ilantus Technologies is a leader in the Identity & Access Management domain, backed by over two decades of extensive experience and deep insight gained from thousands of IAM implementations for some of the biggest brands in the world including Fortune 500 companies.  Ilantus’ Compact Identity product is uniquely positioned to present a cloud native, risk aware, All-in-one Converged IAM solution that is built on Zero trust framework to provide Identity centric holistic cybersecurity solution to clients.



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