The Psychology of Sales | Nikolaus Kimla at Pipeliner

The art of sales requires not only a market knowledge but also a deep understanding of the social dynamics of the company you’re selling to. This was the realization that inspired Nikolaus Kimla to found Pipeliner, a company attempting to rethink the purpose and implementation of CRM systems for salesforces.

In this episode of UpTech report, Nikolaus tells me how his experiences reading the body language of his potential clients brought him to Pipeline’s current product, which he says can help salespeople visualize the social complexity of their targets.

More information:

Nikolaus Kimla is a Theologian, technologist, entrepreneur and visionary. He is the Founder and Managing Director of uptime ITechnologies GmbH, who has supported the Austrian IT landscape since its inception in 1994.

Nikolaus’s work at uptime has included the use of synergies, the taking of new paths, the allowance of new ideas, and the setting of new standards. Also responsible for World Check, the banking financial crime prevention software used toady by most of the world’s banks bought by Thomson Reuters. 

Nikolaus is the Initiator of the independent business platform GO AHEAD!, which is based on the principles of the free market economy in the sense of a liberal and socially responsible responsibility. The primary factors of GO AHEAD! include: combining people with people, strengthening the confidence of entrepreneurs in the freedom of values, self-responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit, and sharpening awareness and creating initial incentives for healthy dynamism in the economy. 

He is the mastermind behind the development of Pipeliner CRM, a software that empowers salespeople in the management of their opportunities and, moreover, seeks to bring a paradigm shift in sales management worldwide. Everything began in 2007 when Nikolaus, supported by a team of committed programmers, began developing this innovative sales software. Pipeliner is rapidly becoming the backbone for sales pipeline management and helps companies of all sizes to better represent their future business. 

He is currently the CEO of Pipeliner Sales, Inc., the sales company for Pipeliner CRM. Pipeliner Sales has doubled its revenue every year since its inception. Pipeliner’s marketing arm has created a remarkable global presence both for the product Pipeliner CRM, and for SalesPOP, its online multi-media magazine quickly becoming the go-to place for new directions in sales, sales management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. 

Nikolaus is the author of over 100 ebooks on sales, sales management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Additionally the author of hundreds of articles and blog posts on these and other topics.

He studied Protestant Theology in Los Angeles and Vienna, graduating with a Master’s Degree. He is married and a father of 3 children.




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