The Startup Whiz | Rohit Vashisht from WhizAI

From day one, Rohit Vashisht knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and he didn’t waste any time getting started. Right out of college, he founded his first startup, then moved on to become a founder of a fintech startup, and continued on again as a founder of an influencer marketing platform.

Today, he’s the co-founder and CEO of WhizAI, a system designed for life sciences that uses AI and natural language processing to deliver nearly any information requested, mostly in milliseconds.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Rohit walks us through the many ups and downs of his long career, and shares some insights he gained along the way on how and when to acquire funding, building the right team, and finding that first customer.

More information:

Rohit Vashisht is the co-founder and CEO of WhizAI, the first and only purpose-built cognitive insights platform for life sciences, empowering users to get answers to their business questions by simply asking via voice, text on web and mobile.

WhizAI is trained on life sciences data [867, IQVIA, CTMS, and APLD] and business terminologies [NRx, TRx, PBMs, Plans, TAs, etc.], enabling it to answer even the most complex questions from billions of records in seconds. Fast, easy, and scalable, WhizAI is the trusted partner of choice at the top global life sciences companies. Asked. Answered. Instantly.

WhizAI enjoys a 100% adoption by all business users, contributes to 60% reduction in calls to IT and 50% reduction in operational overheads within first few months of implementation for enterprise pharmaceuticals.

Rohit has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software sales, product management, development, and strategy. As a tech entrepreneur, Rohit has built successful businesses and was CEO and co-founder of Sverve – an influencer marketplace that was acquired by Bloglovin and rebranded as Activate. At Sverve, he led the revenue growth and development of a self-serve platform connecting brands and influencers for marketing campaigns. At Activate, he spearheaded product, sales, and marketing strategy to grow the influencer marketing business.



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