The Upside to Slowing Down | Matthew Hudelson from Inertia

Most startups feel tremendous pressure to grow fast, get hot, and be the next big thing. But when Matthew Hudelson founded Inertia, he spent years focusing on nothing but the product.

This is one of the big advantages to bootstrapping, he says. “Through the years, it gave us time to understand teams and problems, and the focus wasn’t financially driven. It was solution driven, problem solving and relationship building, and just going and proving something.”

On this edition of UpTech Report, Matthew talks about his first efforts to solve problems for construction teams, and his steady, gradual approach to building a company around those solutions.

More information:

Matthew Hudelson is the Founder and CEO of Inertia Systems. Since 2010, Matthew has worked alongside builders, owners, inspectors, architects and project teams to learn and solve the challenges they face on complex construction projects with technology.

The Inertia Platform is a location-driven construction management software that fosters seamless communication throughout complex projects, connecting construction teams from field to office on a visual and location centric platform. 




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