Using AI to Assess BFSI Regulations with Kayvan Alikhani from Compliance

Ignorance of the law is no excuse—but when you’re running a company, knowledge of the law can be extraordinarily challenging. If you’re in the BFSI industry, you must pore over hundreds of pages of regulatory documents per week to determine their relevance and assess compliancies, obligations, required actions, and deadlines.

This is why Kayvan Alikhan started, a company that uses artificial intelligence to automate the regulatory enforcement process.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Kayvan discusses the scope of the regulatory challenges in the BFSI sector and explains the technology behind his solution.

More information:

Co-founder and CEO of, Kayvan Alikhani brings 25 years’ experience in enterprise technology to his role. A pioneer of the RegTech industry, he has interviewed 500+ Chief Compliance Officers at financial services institutions to understand the scope and urgency of the challenges they are facing. He has a practical vision for how technology can be applied to address their most pressing needs within today’s complex and dynamic regulatory environment. 

Kayvan previously led the Identity Strategy team at RSA, and represented EMC on various industry alliances such as the FIDO board. He was co-founder and CEO of PassBan (acquired by RSA).



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