Using AI to Solve the Energy and Industrial Sectors | Srikanth Muralidhara from Flutura

Srikanth Muralidhara knew a lot about data analytics and machine learning, but nothing about the oil industry—which is why he was a bit apprehensive to take a meeting with a Shell executive who’d expressed interest in a blog post he had written.

But it was, in fact, Srikanth’s position as an outsider that most attracted the executive. “We need to learn from other industries,” he said. “And there’s always concepts which can be borrowed.”

This was how Srikanth and his partners quite unexpectedly found themselves solving problems in the energy and industrial sectors.

The result was Flutura, a startup that uses data analysis, AI, and machine learning to help these sectors optimize operations and prevent failures.

More information:

Srikanth has been in the area of data science for close to 2 decades. He co-founded Flutura, an Industrial AI company focusing on transformational solutions for the industrial sector. Flutura’s award winning flagship product Cerebra is deployed across several industrial facilities worldwide in the Energy, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Defense and Transportation companies to power transformational business outcomes around Industrial AI. Flutura’s vision is to deliver 1 billion USD of outcomes to its customers by 2024.

He started his career in embedded systems where he had a brief stint developing communication protocols for payment systems and networks. He has incubated business analytics initiatives for large Fortune companies and has been part of building more than 400 transformational analytics solutions in his career.



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