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As one of four co-founders at Kaltura, an enterprise video platform, Dr. Shay David focused a lot on the technology behind the product. But after time, he began to wonder what companies were actually using it for.

He discovered many were turning to video as an important tool for training employees and developing new skills. It was this realization that eventually led him to turn his attention to the problem of the widening skills gap our world is facing at an alarming rate.

So David founded a company that uses artificial intelligence to forecast and develop tomorrow’s workforce.

On this edition of Founders Journey, Dr. David discusses how the changing job market became so important to him, and why he believes the key to success is an unwavering focus on the value we create for the customer.

More information:

Dr. Shay David is a scholar and serial entrepreneur, specializing in collaborative and open-source information and communication systems. He earned his B.Sc. (magna cum laude) at Tel-Aviv Univesity with a double-major in Computer Science and Philosophy, his interdisciplinary M.A. at New York University on the economics of open systems, and his Ph.D. in Arts and Science from Cornell University on the topic of participatory information networks. He pursued his post-doctoral work on the issue of Access to Knowledge at the Yale Law School Information Society Project, where he is a visiting fellow.

Dr. David is the co-founder and CEO of, ( ) where he connects people to jobs. Retrain is a talent-management platform for Enterprises and Government Agencies to seamlessly assess their workforce’s knowledge, qualifications, and skills, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling them to retrain, recruit, and retain workers faster and more accurately than ever before.

Retrain’s AI models captures skills shifts cycles and predicts the Jobs-of-the-Future, allowing employers to understand better which skills are emerging, evolving and expiring, so they can re-train their workforce effectively while planning outside talent hiring rapidly, all while empowering job-seekers who have been displaced by automation or global crisis to be re-trained and get back into the workforce.

Prior to Shay co-founded of Kaltura ( ), a leader in video streaming solutions. Through multiple roles ranging from CTO, CRO, and GM, he oversaw the company’s growth from inception to thousands of global customers including 700 universities and 25% of the Fortune 100, and over $100M in annual revenue.



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