Using VR to Treat Anxiety | Sarah Hill at Healium

As a television reporter, Sarah Hill covered a great deal of trauma—soldiers returning from war, violent crimes, and the aftermath of natural disasters. After time, all this exposure to tragedy took a toll, and she found herself suffering from anxiety.

Her solution was to found Healium, a company that delivers VR and AR stories and immersive spaces to help manage stress and treat anxiety. Healium takes it to the next level by powering the entire experience with your actual “brainwaves and heart rate via an EEG headband or Apple Watch”.

It’s yet another example of how virtual reality is evolving beyond an entertainment platform and into a tool that can improve people’s lives.

More information:

Sarah Hill is the CEO of Healium, a virtual and augmented reality tool for the self-management of stress powered by the user’s own brainwaves and heart rate. After 20 years as a TV reporter covering trauma, her media diet of reporting the day’s headlines ultimately made her sick. Hill developed Healium for herself as well as the 41 million others who struggle with anxiety.

Healium is a digiceutical for people to detox from what they’re consuming digitally. Healium is the world’s first biometrically-powered VR/AR immersive media channel controlled by the user’s brainwaves and heart rate via consumer wearables. Hill’s XR experiences are clinically validated in 3 peer-reviewed journals and have been viewed more than 7 million times. She is also a former interactive TV news journalist for the NBC, ABC, & CBS affiliates in Missouri.

A national Edward R. Murrow, NAB Service to America, National Sigma Delta Chi, and 12-time mid-America Emmy award-winning TV reporter, Hill has 25 years of experience building unique media franchises. She spent decades reporting about the world’s negativity and trauma in Sri Lanka, Zambia, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Congo. Healium’s roots are in virtual travel for Veterans. In 2015, Hill’s team built a program called “Honor Everywhere”, that uses virtual and augmented reality to allow aging Veterans the opportunity to see their WWII, Vietnam, Korea, & Women’s Memorials.




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