Using Your Mind to Authenticate | Alex Natividad MD from NimbusID

We can probably all agree on two things about the digital age: security is essential, and passwords are terrible. We all have hundreds of accounts on various services requiring authentication—using the same password for all of them would make you highly vulnerable but remembering separate passwords for each is impossible.

Password managers are helpful, but passwords can still be cracked, stolen, or simply guessed. Alex Natividad MD has an intriguing solution offered by his company, NimbusID. They call the product CognitiveID and it uses our natural memory associations to ensure we’re the people we claim to be.

Think of it as a True Human Centric IDentity Test to prove it is you behind any device used for access authentication and transaction.

More information:

Alex Natividad, MD, the patent inventor of CognitiveID and NimbusID CEO, spent 30 years studying and applying neuroanatomy, cognition, and memory. These scientific and medical pursuits led him to discover the unique attributes of natural memories (when aggregated and disaggregated) to be used as the IDENTITY TEST of a human attempting access or making transaction across the web of a finger.

This revolutionary technology simplifies a digital user’s life by eliminating (1) The hassles of creating and remembering passwords and (2) Eliminating identity and data theft due to traditional phishing and brute-force hacking attacks. When used with a smart phone, a CognitiveID is expressed with just 3 quick taps

NimbusID is a software development implementing CognitiveID. Our downstream developers integrate the CognitiveID code with helpful components as: 

  • A public API, SAML compliant and support for secure email. It is scalable and can work with SMS providers (e.g., Twilio). 
  • An extensible, standardized secure API for integration with systems. 
  • Support for authentication to SaaS, OnPrem, SASE, full Integration, or bolt-on deployments through Single Sign-on. 
  • An admin dashboard to manage and customize for white-label integrations 

CognitiveID enables industry stakeholders to know when it is not their user attempting to do damage, and when it is their user to authorize access to any system. Cognitive ID makes life simpler for each stakeholder as it increases the perfection of proper identity and enables reliable role-based authorizations.

Once CognitiveID becomes the “standard” credential for authenticating identity, industry stakeholders have more time to attend to other software services (viz. SASE) that secure their systems and data.



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