Weaving the Data Fabric | Kendall Clark from Stardog

We now live in a data-driven society, and that’s probably a good thing. Data is the ultimate gut-check, the final arbiter of our best guesses. But interacting with data can be exceedingly complicated—and often slow.

Kendall Clark, the founder and CEO of Stardog, has developed a faster, more efficient technology that allows you to query data directly, without any copying or migrating. He calls it “data fabric,” and claims it’s the only solution of its kind.

The applications are wide ranging, and in use by eBay, NASA, Bosch, and Cisco.

More information:

Kendall Clark is a tech enthusiast turned entrepreneur. As founder & CEO of Stardog, he sets the vision for the venture-backed Enterprise Knowledge Graph company. Founded in 2015 on the vision of powering the connected enterprise, Stardog’s technology turns data into knowledge to enable more effective digital transformations.

With Stardog, customers reduce data preparation timelines by up to 90 percent by transforming existing enterprise data infrastructure into a comprehensive end-to-end data fabric.

Industry leaders including BNY Mellon, Bosch, and NASA use Stardog to create a flexible data fabric that can support countless applications. For more information, please visit or follow them @StardogHQ



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