A Brand Development Platform with Ryo Kikuchi from ZeBranding

Establishing a compelling brand is one of the most important challenges every company must face. We know that it’s much more than just whipping up a cool logo and starting an Instagram account—it takes a lot of planning and effort. And yet, there’s very little guidance on how it’s done.

Ryo Kikuchi is offering help with his company ZeBrand. Based in New York City, ZeBrand is a platform that gives companies a process for crafting their story, developing their look, and delivering their brand, allowing emerging startups to define themselves quickly and get to market faster.

More information:

Ryo Kikuchi is the founder and CEO of ZeBrand. With their vision of “Brand Your Way”, he wants to continue to create new value within the branding market and continue to actualize his vision.

He studied graphic design and digital media as a research fellow at Rhode Island School of Design, under the leadership of John Maeda. And he also holds an MBA from NUCB Business school in addition to spending time at the EDHEC in France.

ZeBrand is a brand-building platform built to help emerging businesses brand their way to growth by generating a solid brand identity and voice at a fraction of the cost

The current user count is 55,000+. We won the TechCrunch Pitchers & Pitches Competition and the championship of the American Express x WeWork pitch contest.



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