Better Weather Data with Buck Lyons from WeatherFlow

Even with modern forecasting, weather is unpredictable. We pack up our picnic baskets with the hopes that maybe this time our standard weather apps are right. But if you’re in an industry that performs any work outdoors, an unexpected change in weather can be more than a disappointment—it can be massively expensive.

Both consumers and businesses alike may wish they had more granular forecasts, so they know not merely what the weather might be like in your city that day, but what the weather might be like at a specific pin dropped on a map, and for how long.

Buck Lyons is giving people the answer with his company, Weatherflow Tempest, which offers a proprietary weather station and sophisticated weather data for point-specific forecasting.

More information:

Buck Lyons is co-founder and CEO of WeatherFlow-Tempest Inc, a leading weather technology company.  Buck is also co-founder and current board member of Synoptic Data PBC, a hub for environmental data, and provider of aggregated weather and climate data to NOAA.  Buck is an accomplished multi-time entrepreneur with a history of success stories, most of them involving an element of his passion for the outdoors.

Buck has been working full-time in the weather and climate data space since 2012. He is now leading WeatherFlow-Tempest through a phase of rapid growth as the company scales its real-time weather data and forecast solutions globally. 

WeatherFlow’s mission is to help the world better understand and control the enormous impact of weather. Exclusive data and AI-driven modeling deliver more accurate weather information, resulting in better decision-making and significant cost savings for a range of customers. The company’s revolutionary home weather system, Tempest, launched in early 2020, and already has more than 30,000 systems online.



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