Adopting a Vision | Michael Wong from Genea

Michael Wong’s journey to becoming the CEO of Genea isn’t typical. As an investor at a private equity firm, he learned a lot about what makes a company successful, but had no experience running one. And then Genea came across his desk. “Genea was not even a company at the time, it was more of a technology,” he says. “I thought this technology could be morphed into a great company with all those wonderful characteristics.”

It was too small for his firm to invest in, but after diligent research into the struggling company, the board asked him to become their CEO. Having never before stepped into this role, it was not an easy decision.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Michael talks about how he decided to take on this role, and why his experience as an investor told him the company had great potential to succeed.

More information:

Michael Wong is President and CEO of Genea, a cloud software and services provider to the commercial real estate industry. Under Michael’s leadership, Genea’s customer base of commercial office properties has grown from 9 million square feet to over  250 million + square feet while maintaining 99% customer retention. Prior to joining Genea, he spent 15 years as a private equity investor mostly at Leonard Green & Partners and The Blackstone Group. 

Genea’s next-generation platform puts property teams and businesses’ needs above all by giving them the control they want and deserve. Our cloud-based software works with most existing hardware to modernize access control, streamline Overtime HVAC management, and automate Submeter Billing.




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