Knowing Your Customers without IDing Them | Simon Yencken from Fanplayr

E-Commerce has brought selling advantages too numerous to mention. But one thing it lacks is the experience of looking a customer in the eye, interpreting their body language, and tailoring a pitch on the fly to accommodate their character.

Instead, sellers are often forced to utilize a more blanketed sales approach, which can result in fewer conversions. But Simon Yencken, the co-founder and CEO of Fanplayr, doesn’t believe it has to be this way.

His technology startup offers online sellers the ability to understand the behavior of visitors to produce instant targeted messages. This translates to deeper engagement and greater conversions.

On this edition of UpTech Report, Simon discusses the surprising difficulties of implementing AI, and how he took a company especially positioned for retail into less likely verticals, such as automotive and cellular markets.

More information:

Simon Yencken has had a lengthy career as an entrepreneur, investor and corporate executive.Currently, he is CEO and co-founder of Fanplayr. Fanplayr’s mission is to make ‘behavioral data  actionable’. Its breakthrough approach consists in analyzing site traffic and providing intelligence  and real time segmentation to improve and personalize every interaction with users.

Fanplayr’s  patent pending ‘Segmentation as a Service’ provides a powerful real-time segmentation engine  across the enterprise to multiple data bases & applications. The Fanplayr Service is a cloud based platform that combines machine-learning and big data analytics to generate significant  uplifts to revenue by delivering real-time personalization to visitors.

Fanplayr has hundreds of  enterprise customers globally in many different languages and currencies (including: Guess, Alitalia, Maserati, eBags, Party City, Air Europa, Kiko Cosmetics, Hankyu Hanshin, The New  Yorker, Samsung, Sports Direct, Vodafone, Dolce & Gabbana) and has tracked more than 4B+  visitor sessions. 




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