AI-Powered Contract Management Systems and Deep Learning with Sunny Sharma & John Cortez of Revnue

What parts of contract management can be automated and what role does data-driven decision making play? Where do blockchain and smart contract technology fit into all of this?

In this edition of the UpTech Report, host Alexander Ferguson meets with the co-founders of the AI-powered digital contract management platform, Revnue, to discuss contract automation tools and where this is all going.

Sunny Sharma, CEO, and John Cortez, COO, explain how contract management has typically been a highly fragmented space with dozens of different interacting parties. “About $28 trillion worth of trade was done last year in 2021, and if you look at trade, all that was done by contracts.

On an average, organizations lose about 9% of their revenue due to inefficient contract management,” explains Sharma. However, Revnue’s contract management software aims to change that, allowing companies to automate and unify numerous business processes related to contract management. Plus, they take it to the next level with their contract analytics, advanced reporting, and other tools related to contract management.

Revnue is an AI-powered digital contract management platform that is transforming the way enterprises manage their contracts. The platform leverages advanced AI/ML technologies and self-learning capabilities to streamline and simplify the contract management process, empowering businesses to leverage contract intelligence for strategic planning, digital transformations, and operational efficiency. Alongside next-generation contract management features, Revnue also offers integrated asset and supplier management, market data integration, and advanced reporting capabilities.

Revnue’s smart capabilities include end-to-end contract management, key data extraction, a powerful API for enterprise-wide integrations, integrated security features, advanced analytics, and an easy to use, and intuitive interface. The platform also offers a Smart Repository that seamlessly stores, tracks, and manages contracts, assets, customers, suppliers, services, and SaaS documents. Other key features include Custom Fields, Smart Search, Smart Inbox, Smart Reminders, and multi-user support.  

By making contract management accessible to everyone, from small businesses to very large enterprises, the company aims to make a positive impact on millions of customers across the globe. The company was founded by a team of veterans from Microsoft, VMWare, Warner Bros., who have years of experience in digital contracting, building and scaling high-quality global technology teams, transforming organizations, and strategically streamlining operations across multiple technology functions. Headquartered in California, more information on Revnue can be found at the official website (



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