Data Science in Sports: Crush Your Competition Using Analytics with Stephen Smith of Kitman Labs

Rugby players in a huddle rubbing their feet on grass. Rugby team showing aggression after the win.

Sports analytics and data science in sports are topics that are getting a lot of traction lately in the sports world. Every year, more and more teams are being united around intelligence, and in this edition of the UpTech Report, we meet with the CEO of Kitman Labs, Stephen Smith, to learn why.

Kitman Labs is a company focused on improving human performance in sports by analyzing athlete data. Their Intelligence Platform  allows you to consolidate millions of data points about game stats, market value, scouting scores, training volumes, speed, strength, injuries, sleep, mental state, basically everything about an sports player. Even biometrics and blood markers are on the table. 

However, it’s not solely about the data either. At Kitman Labs, the real focus is on turning that data into intelligence and empowering the right people on the team to make the right decisions at the right times.

Stephen founded Kitman Labs in 2012 with the vision of revolutionizing health and performance in elite sport. Stephen’s passion for blending sports medicine, science, leading user experience techniques and machine learning has resulted in industry-first innovations that bring meaning to the masses of data collected on athletes, quantify injury risk, and simplify daily life for coaches and staff.

These innovations are used by more than 700 teams across the globe in more than 45 different leagues including some of the best-known sporting brands. His ten-year background as Senior Injury Rehabilitation and Conditioning Coach with the Leinster Rugby Club in Ireland and his Master’s thesis on combined risk factors as predictors of athletic injury served as the foundation of Kitman Labs.

Stephen is a self-proclaimed sports science and athletic performance nerd and has been described as one of the leading minds on injury reduction, health data analytics, and performance enhancement in elite sport. He speaks all over the world discussing research, advanced analytical techniques, and practical application of sports science and technology.



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