An AI-Powered Conversational Platform for Enterprise with Ram Menon from Avaamo

The way in which we interact with computers has evolved rapidly, especially over the past few years. For a long time, we only used keyboards and mice to control computers. Then suddenly touchscreens became widely adopted.

And now we’re entering a new phase where the screen is removed entirely, and we engage with computers using our voice. We’re only at the very beginning of this era, but Ram Menon is leading the way forward with his company, Avaamo, which offers a customizable conversational platform for enterprise, powered by artificial intelligence.

Avaamo technology is being used by major national and global brands, such as Ericsson, Volkswagen, and Anthem.

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Ram brings over two decades of experience in enterprise software. Previously Ram was the President of Social Computing at TIBCO. He founded the division and built the business from scratch into a leader in Social Business Software with 9 Million paid users in just two years. 

Earlier in his stint at TIBCO, he was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for eight years, leading the company’s marketing and product strategy efforts to support  growth from $200M -$1B. Prior to joining TIBCO, Ram was  with Accenture, a global consulting firm, where he specialized  in supply chain and e-commerce strategy consulting with  Global 500 companies.



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